Lyrics to Bonus Acoustic Track
by The Suicide Machines

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[edit]Song titleBonus Acoustic Track
[edit]Artist nameThe Suicide Machines
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Oh yeah, critical mass, detonation countdown, July
16th, 1945 This is how we learned to fear the bomb
and wonder how we'd all ever make it out alive And
it's a strange love to love such a strange thing,
you know I can't say I feel the same And it's
irony to me that a burning sensation means a world
so cold it freezes your brain

Oh, pile the skulls up, there must be a million or
more We'll pile the skulls on bones and ashes,
there must be a million or more Oh, bury the dead
now, there must be a million or more We'll bury
the dead 'neath bones and ashes, there must be a
million or more

Find more similar lyrics on up now, Governments may create a world of
hate in which we have to live and breath every day
Fallout and radiation sickness, red pollution
through the myriad waste Building their weapons of
death and mass destruction, meeting out the
justice by megaton Can we forget the Chernobyl
devastation and remember the Uranium gone?


One world or none, there's gotta be one world or
none There's gotta be one world or none, there's
gotta be one world, one world where we can

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Lyrics to Bonus Acoustic Track
by The Suicide Machines

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