Lyrics to Losing you
by The Temptations

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[edit]Song titleLosing you
[edit]Artist nameThe Temptations
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Your love is fading, I can feel your love fading
Girl it's fading away from me
'Cause your touch, your touch has grown cold
As if someone else controls your very soul
I've fooled myself long as I can
Can fear of the presence of another man

It's there when you speak my name
It's just not the same
Oo baby, I'm losing you
It's in the air, it's everywhere
Oo baby, I'm losing you

When I look into your eyes
A reflection of a face I see
I'm hurting, downhearted and worried girl
'Cause that face doesn't belong to me

It's all over your face
Someone's taken my place
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You try hard to hide
The emptiness inside
Oo I can tell I'm losing you
I don't wanna lose you

Oo, I can tell when we kiss
From the tension in our lips
Oo little girl, I'm losing you
Girl I can feel it in my bones
Any day you'll be gone
Oo baby, I'm losing you

Oh, my dear
What happened to the love we shared?
Oh baby, I'm losing you
I know it's true
There's someone new
Oh baby, I'm losing you
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Lyrics to Losing you
by The Temptations

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