Lyrics to Four Walls Of Hell
by The Valveenus

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[edit]Song titleFour Walls Of Hell
[edit]Artist nameThe Valveenus
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I's been six long years in this prison cell just waiting for your eyes

To look up on my face again one more time before I die

With angels on my shoulders whispering the devils waiting for you

You leave one hell to see another it would be nice to see heaven to

Now eternity nears and all my fears have vanished with your love
The ringing of the bells have got me pacing through my cell
It won't be long before that noose is strung tight around my neck
As the sun disappears behind the clouds and I head for this crowd

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won't you please come back to me let my heart feel at ease

Cause these four grey walls are moving in to fast and I got nowhere to run

Except through your eyes staring back at mind your my escape for what is real

D Bm A G
I wish I knew what I didn't know then you were my light shining through

Now the time has come and your nowhere in sight as the crowd cheers for more
I'm not scared of dying and there's no time for crying I've already died inside
Death starts a calling and darkness has fallen I'm nearing the end of the road
As a chill runs down through my spine now I'm walking with the devil side by side
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Lyrics to Four Walls Of Hell
by The Valveenus

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