Lyrics to Ok
by The Vandals

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[edit]Song titleOk
[edit]Artist nameThe Vandals
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Hey buddy how you doin' today?
Thanks a lot buddy I'm doin' OK.
How bout you, you doin' all right?
Well I got into a fight my girl left last night.
That's rough guy what was it about?
I lost my job and she just ran out.
Your honey got runny when the money got funny?
My honey got runny when the money got funny, buddy.
Are you ready for a brand new day?
I'm gonna do things my own way OK!
Here's what you do and rejoice in new
and join me when I say, OK!
So guy what do you do now?
Find more similar lyrics on I go people telling me how,
To live my life like they really know me.
Sometimes past your nose it's hard to see
So guy what you trying to say?
I say its time to do things your own way
So tell me what you want, what I really, really want!
When you're living in shit and your life is
shit and shit is all you smell.
You submit and get to used to and live
in your shit filled hell.
People will mislead you and believe you when I say.
Trust yourself!
Believe yourself!
And join me when I say Ok!
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Lyrics to Ok
by The Vandals

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