Lyrics to Don't go
by The Vines

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[edit]Song titleDon't go
[edit]Artist nameThe Vines
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Taking everything I see
Walking on the ground I've been
Waiting for the day to start
Cause something's got me all alone
Oh no don't go
Throw away undo it play the bass
I know if she'd gone
Wanna be left on this place now

Take the weight up off your mind
Dreaming for the seventh time
If we wake now we'll believe
Either way it's fun to dream

Oh no don't go
Find more similar lyrics on away undo it play the bass
I know but she'd done
Gonna be left on this place now

The Vines - Drown The Baptists

Who are the baptists
I want to drown them one by one
Their on a bad trip
You don't get the feeling
Who are the valet
I search for you and I
This ain't so bad yeah
You don't get the feeing
You don't get the feeling
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Lyrics to Don't go
by The Vines

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