Lyrics to Without a Right
by The Voids

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[edit]Song titleWithout a Right
[edit]Artist nameThe Voids
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I had a vision of how it will be
nowhere to go, just waiting
and then i'll look up in the sky
and then we'll know it's time to die

i'm not paranoid but it's really out there
some idiot with his finger on a trigger
one that will kill us in a blink of his eye
one that will kill us with no reason why
maybe i'm paranoid but it's really out there
someone high with all their power
just waiting until the moment's right
to push a button and still have time to hide

i had a vision of what i will see
i think i'm safe and suddenly
Find more similar lyrics on frightening cloud up in the sky
telling us we're going to die

one day will be the end for me
because of a difference, wars, or greed
they will kill us for what they think is right
they wil think they've solved their stupid fight
with a simple nod they'll take our lives
and in one moment we'll watch each other die
maybe i'm paranoid but i believe
that one day, someday it's coming

i had a vision of how it will be
nowhere for shelter, just waiting
and then i'll look up in the sky
they'll kill us all without a right...
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Lyrics to Without a Right
by The Voids

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