Lyrics to Yesterday is Here
by The Walkabouts

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[edit]Song titleYesterday is Here
[edit]Artist nameThe Walkabouts
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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( written by Tom Waits and
Kathleen Brennan )

If you want money in your pocket
And a top hat on your head
A hot meal on your table
And a blanket on your bed

Well today is grey skies
Tomorrow is tears
You'll have to wait til
yesterday is here

I'm going to New York City
And I'm leaving on a train
And if you want to stay behind and wait
Til I come back again

Well today is grey skies
And tomorrow is tears
Find more similar lyrics on'll have to wait til
yesterday is here

If you want to go
Where the rainbows end
You'll have to say goodbye
All our dreams come true
Baby up ahead
And it's out where your memories lie

Well the road's out before me
The moon is shining bright
What I want you to remember
As I disappear tonight

Today is grey skies
Tomorrow is tears
You'll have to wait til
yesterday is here
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Lyrics to Yesterday is Here
by The Walkabouts

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