Lyrics to Underkill
by The Wildhearts

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[edit]Song titleUnderkill
[edit]Artist nameThe Wildhearts
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Eureka, eureka, you reek of the cheaper alternative
Let's steal it, let's steal it, let's steal from
The fashions with enough to give
I deal in, I deal in a blow job for every corporate executive
And when the lights go up 'Cos you went down
It seems to flow, it turns around
You'll be there in your dressing-gown
And sowing all the seed

But you summit so fast ‘cos you got it for free,
You've got a backstage pass saying V.I.P.
I bet you're happy right now but where will you be
When they ask you to bend for the cash you demand
And you ain't got a song 'cos it's all second-hand

So plead it, so plead it, so plead like you need it,
Your free 60 seconds of fame
They'll see that, they'll see that they'll see
You're a flea on the back of the game

But if you miss something don't look around
There ain't no time, you're losing ground
They own your flesh by pound by pound
Those cunts you chose to lead
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It's the cheapest thrill,
And it's the quickest meal try underkill
It's the cheapest thrill,
It's the quickest meal
Try underkill, try underkill,
Try underkill, try underkill
It's the cheapest thrill,
And it's the quickest meal try underkill
It's the cheapest thrill,
And it's the quickest meal try underkill
Try underkill, try underkill, try underkill
It's the cheapest thrill,
And it's the quickest meal try underkill

(And when you don't need skill try underkill) x12
I'll do anything, just as long as I peak
A real big, gold, outside lift to fame
I’ll be a rock'n'roll star, but I don’t need a name
A real big, gold, outside lift to fame
And then split,
With the cash…

“We only did it ‘cos we’re broke”
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Lyrics to Underkill
by The Wildhearts

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