Lyrics to I Need Some Lovin
by They Might Be Giants

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[edit]Song titleI Need Some Lovin
[edit]Artist nameThey Might Be Giants
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I need some lovin'
Some turtle-dovin'
To dry the ocean
Of tears running
down my spine

I need some kissing
But I know you're listening
To all the radios
That tune in to
read my mind

They say
Loose lips
Fat cheeks
White teeth
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Brass bed
With a sign that reads
Nobody rides for free

I need a honey
To spend my money
To call my phone machine
And hang me up at night

I need some lovin'
Some turtle-dovin'
To dry the ocean
Of tears running
down my spine
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Lyrics to I Need Some Lovin
by They Might Be Giants

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