Lyrics to Live to die
by Thine Eyes Bleed

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[edit]Song titleLive to die
[edit]Artist nameThine Eyes Bleed
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You can scream all you want to,
And it's cold, everyone has left with me.
Your last breath isn't what it could be,
Now I burn apart every last memory.

Suddenly the innocent will control
By your need for pain.

You can scream all you want to scream,
And it's cold, everyone has left with me.
Your last breath isn't what it could be,
Now I burn apart every last memory.
Why live to die?

I walk alone tonight,
Without a trace I'll make sure you're in sight.
To die, to live a familiar fright,
Every word, shadows deeper.
The night is young, hold your head up high,
They will come before you say,

Live to die,
Without memory.
Face of evil,
Somehow so empty.
Live to die,
Someone please save me.
Face of evil,
Somehow reflects me.
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Live to die,
Left so empty.
Face of evil,
Someone please save me.

And you'll scream all you want to scream.
And it's cold, everyone has left with me.
You last breath, exactly what it should be.
Now I tear apart everything you gave to me.

Suddenly the innocent has your soul
There's no need for pain

And I'm set free from the fury,
We were sent unhappy.
Light the fire, bring the pain,
Somehow you enrage me.
Light the fire, bring the pain...

Now take life in your hands,
To hold all that is real.
You'll find me in your dreams,
As you look for me, you'll be sorry
That you couldn't live and let it go.
And now you're sorry.
Remember how you hurt me.
And now I'm sorry.
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Lyrics to Live to die
by Thine Eyes Bleed

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