Lyrics to Reggae Radio Station
by Third World

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[edit]Song titleReggae Radio Station
[edit]Artist nameThird World
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You're tuned to the sound of
R E G G A E, hey

Reggae radio station
Rockin' through the nation
Reggae radio station
Rockin' through the nation

Hey, hey, radio station, play one for me
Nice of my feelings
Hey radio station, play one for me

'Cause the sound of the people in my home town
Is on every airwave at the heart of every sound
In all major capitals of the world
It's all around, everyone's lovin' it
And I'm lovin' it I hope you tune into

Reggae radio station
Rockin' through the nation
Reggae radio station
Rockin' through the nation

Now, hey, brother DJ
Play one for me
You're my selection
Spin one for me

And, what are we seeing
On the evening news
Is we reggae children
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So, reggae rub, rub, rub, rub
Mek we dub, dub, dub, dub
'Cause this we know
And we don't play no war, hunger
On our baseland shore

Music and electricity
This is the blood of you and me
Tune in, brother, lend an ear
This is reggae music on the air

Every hour on the hour
Flashing from the country tower
Super kilo megawatt
Limited music power

Children sing with me
Children sing with me
Won't you stay tuned to

Reggae radio station
Rockin' through the nation
Reggae radio station
Rockin' through the nation

Reggae radio station
Rockin' through the nation
Reggae radio station
Rockin' through the nation
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Lyrics to Reggae Radio Station
by Third World

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