Lyrics to Mixin' up Adjectives
by This is Me Smiling

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[edit]Song titleMixin' up Adjectives
[edit]Artist nameThis is Me Smiling
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I’m not trying to sound smarter,
‘Cause everybody thinks they’re right,
Only aiming to be modest,
So I think I’ll take you out tonight,

Though I don’t really know you,
But you always seem to turn my head,
And you know that I
might change my mind,
Before it’s time for bed,

Crossing a fine line,
Find more similar lyrics on you and me,
Mixin’ up adjectives,
Like jealous and sweet,
Takin’ up all your time,
For my security,

Not trying to sound smarter,
‘Cause everybody thinks they’re right,
Only aiming to be modest,
So I think I’ll take you out tonight,

Chorus 2x
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Lyrics to Mixin' up Adjectives
by This is Me Smiling

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