Lyrics to Infanticide
by Thorazine

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[edit]Song titleInfanticide
[edit]Artist nameThorazine
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Genocide for your crimes
Slaughter them, I want piece of mind
Holy wars, protect your whores
I want their blood to be satisfied
On with the War, Bring Infanticide
Slaying the Hordes keeps them occupied
Preparing the youth to be sacrificed
I am the truth; heed my word or die
Live to die, breathe the lies
Only their pride makes them glad to die
Born for War, breed some more
Keep them from roaming the streets at Night
Shape their lives with our world vision
Make them kill without decision
Across the world with foul precision
Their lives serve our cold vision
Find more similar lyrics on hand of cruel infliction Lied
Children die
From our own lies
They fight for power and greed
They slaughter all that they see
They are our children; we want them to die
Their masters are insane
Controlling them for their own gain
They are our children; we want them to die
The war machine has been trained
Born to kill and be slain
They are our children; we want them to die
Protecting land where they came
To fight the war that they made
They are our children; we want them to die
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Lyrics to Infanticide
by Thorazine

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