Lyrics to Alone and Terrified
by Three Sixes

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[edit]Song titleAlone and Terrified
[edit]Artist nameThree Sixes
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I lay alone bleeding
Left for dead again
Sinking deep darkness
Damnation draws me near
Stripped of all emotions
Watching heaven burn to dust
I become completely numb
As my sanity is crushed
I walked alone outside
Through the cold, dark winter air
The blackened night magnifies
It's agonizing glare
Headed in my dreaded,
Hated fate I'm forced to go
A hand from Hell holds my soul
Reminding me, I know
That the human side of me inside
Has died so long ago
Like storms of shattered glass,
Slashing at my soul
Razor sharp reality lacerates my skin
As my blood is spilled
I realize I'm here to die again
It's coming, it's coming,
it's coming down
Alone and terrified
Screaming while I die
Can you save me (4x)
Dwelling in damnation,
I'm doomed to die again
Agony is beckoning
My torment to begin
As the tidal wave of terror
>From the growing wall of pain
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Crushes down on me again
The expressionless undead
Walk with me side by side
Scarred from years of misery
Just like me, they're dead inside
Awaiting their eternal,
Infernal judgement day
Flesh is dripping from their bodies,
Melted bones become decayed
A thousand rusted nails
Slam through severed nerves
Screaming in futility,
I smell them while the burn,
With no concern, no remorse
Or fear of any kind
Emotionless and numb
My humanity has died
It's coming, it's coming,
it's coming down
Dropped down to die
In the boiling sea of blood
I see more tortured souls
As they burn I feel their pain
I plead to the blackened sky
Drenched in crimson rain
To release me from this Hell I dwell
Thunder crushes me with fate
Damned to eternal
torment I remain (4x)
Screaming by yourself
alone and terrified
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Lyrics to Alone and Terrified
by Three Sixes

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