Lyrics to The Beltsville Crucible
by Thrice

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[edit]Song titleThe Beltsville Crucible
[edit]Artist nameThrice
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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True friends stab you in the front
Keep you from getting what you want
One more fix could kill you
Help you realize that

You're more and less than you first had believed
There's so much to give and there's so much you need
Shortcuts through graveyards and a brand new way to breathe
Three thousand miles just to learn

All that's gold does not all shine
And helping words aren't always kind
When one more kiss could kill you
They help you realize that
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You're more and less than you first had believed
There's so much to give and there's so much you need
Shortcuts through graveyards and a brand new way to breathe
Three thousand miles just to learn

How to let my guard down?
Accept the fire has spread among us
Incomprehensible you're feeling alright
You've got to play it again

You've got to, you've got to play it again
Play it again, play it again, play it again
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Lyrics to The Beltsville Crucible
by Thrice

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