Lyrics to Winter Romance
by Throes of Dawn

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[edit]Song titleWinter Romance
[edit]Artist nameThroes of Dawn
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Chrystal snow falls from the
clouds above,
winter the bitterest, I have heard
your lullaby and seen your figure
through the sky, into my arms I
take darkness ... blessed and
my goddess ...(of winter)

From your lips I tasted love
love that was so poisonous
my twisted desires for you
are taking me to sacrifice my soul
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winter romance, give me this final
dance, through the falling snow
into the
clouds above, fill me with your love
carry me before the throne
deep into your wintry kingdom

My heart belomgs to thee
my beautiful white winter queen
the pulsating rhythm of heart
beating ... in the silence of
my funeral coffin ...
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Lyrics to Winter Romance
by Throes of Dawn

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