Lyrics to Let Blood Paint the Ground
by Throne of Ahaz

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[edit]Song titleLet Blood Paint the Ground
[edit]Artist nameThrone of Ahaz
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Distant cry
As an ageless droning voice
Sung glory and victory
For a new age soon to come
Tear a hole in the weeping sky
Like a dream forlorn to come
Let blood paint the ground

As choirs of twilight sing
And angels cry
As choirs of twilight mourn
And ages die

And so it shalt be told
"In ages gone, a crying god
Had tasted defeat at last"
And this world was cleansed
Let blood paint the ground

No goddamn light
Find more similar lyrics on new age comes with pain
And the wind that came was clean
Like a new god it came forth
Scorching this damned soil
Like a holocaust of souls
Let blood drown the ground

As a fuckin' god I entered the gate
As the first born of
the master race
Mine were the halls of kingly pride
In burning skies I've seen my fate

As choirs of twilight sing
And angels cry
As choirs of twilight mourn
And ages die

("On Twilight Enthroned")
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Lyrics to Let Blood Paint the Ground
by Throne of Ahaz

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