Lyrics to On Twilight Enthroned
by Throne of Ahaz

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[edit]Song titleOn Twilight Enthroned
[edit]Artist nameThrone of Ahaz
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I saw the night undressed, naked and beautiful
As the rain slowly wet my face
I felt the wind of lost ages blow
And I will ride this forlorn wind
Through the skies eternally black
With shadow wings through the night
For sunlight burns my flesh to ash

Take me twilight, enchant me
Take my soul and unveil thee
This my love and only bride
The dying eve, the naked night
I'm one with this for all time now
And with my kiss so are you
A moonlight throne is yours tonight
Forsaken now for... eternity

I could take this world and
crush it in my hands
Find more similar lyrics on could slit the throats of
all your fuckin' gods

As a shadow of eternity far beyond mortality
I have drained the ancients blood
And drank your warm red wine
For so long... so very long
I am the reaper of your dreams

I have seen old gods die
I've heard their grim lament
And sunlight never touched my eyes
To twilight I am damned
And this night of the nephilim
I'm damned and I'm beyond sin
I'm at one with ages lost
On twilight enthroned

("On Twilight Enthroned")
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Lyrics to On Twilight Enthroned
by Throne of Ahaz

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