Lyrics to Wait
by Throne of Chaos

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[edit]Song titleWait
[edit]Artist nameThrone of Chaos
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Morning breeze won´t bring much hope
Two years gone, it hurts me still
I can´t fight this guilt inside
It feel so cold, how can I hide?
I know you´re still waiting there
I see you everywhere
For it you don´t come back
It´s a world without a wonder
Oh, If you´d be here with me...
Sometimes I feel alright
But I could never live without you
If there´s a heaven, then this must be hell
It´s there years now and still it hurts
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I feel that you´re still waiting here
Can´t see you anywhere
Everyday without you
Without you, babe
And everyday it´s you
I know you ain´t waiting there
´Cause Gothamburg is everywhere
I´ve learnt to fight this guilt inside
I feel so old, I´ve lost my sight
There is nothing left for me
No place from where to leave
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Lyrics to Wait
by Throne of Chaos

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