Lyrics to Juno
by Throwing Muses

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[edit]Song titleJuno
[edit]Artist nameThrowing Muses
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I can't play
When he wakes up She said
He can't play
When he thinks I'm growing up
That song Juno they did in the street
So many places to go and not one for me
Said the she
If they were pretty It'd be okay to say
But that day only
Find more similar lyrics on she wore dresses She felt born
That song Juno say the words
if you have streets
No one for me Said the she
That song Juno they sung in the street
Her husband of nineteen years
Danced madly at her feet
Now I can be balancing
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Lyrics to Juno
by Throwing Muses

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