Lyrics to Walking in the Dark
by Throwing Muses

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[edit]Song titleWalking in the Dark
[edit]Artist nameThrowing Muses
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I can't forgive a dream You own
a question It's a body
You can make me cry You have a right
I can see you live I can't forget you die
You own a question It's a garden
You can You can Can where'd you go Where'd you
Boxing writhing twist and burrow
Walking in the dark
A hunter Runner Walking Picking up the sticks
I had a dream I had a dream
Rub the peers away they dont invade me
I just turned 35
A round bottomed beaker
Find more similar lyrics on could glow I could glow and swell
I could glow Turn black Turn back
Ride and forget
My ghost of seasons past asked
this bedroom what to say
I said stay I have to sleep
tangled in my families hair
Build a house of sticks and grow
the grass and build a mask
Pull the grapes Turn black Turn back
I can't say it till you grow a face
Walking in the dark...
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Lyrics to Walking in the Dark
by Throwing Muses

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