Lyrics to It's you
by Tiffany

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[edit]Song titleIt's you
[edit]Artist nameTiffany
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(Tiffany/Phillip Damien/Kevin Grady)

It's you
That I really want in my life
You're the one that loves me so right
It's you
You always stop the beat in my heart
I'll love you to my death! Please don't stop

I never had a love that felt right
Until you came into my life
I always wanted to have someone
Who I could call my own and make love fun

I remember when I was all alone
My heart cried and cried just to be with you
Then into my life you came like a storm
Then I realized that you're here for me...and

I hope to make our love grow stronger
'Cause I want you don't need no other
I know this love will last forever
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I just can't believe that you're here with me
You're a dream come true baby can't you see
And forever more I'll be by your side
Just one kiss from you I'm in paradise...'cause

I hope to make our love grow stronger
'Cause I want you don't need no other
I know this love will last forever
So won't you stay with me don't go away

It's you I want, want in my life
'Cause you're the one that loves me right
And through my heart from high above
I give you my life please take my love

You're a dream come true, baby can't you see
Let the rain come down, just stay here with me
Just one kiss from you I'm in paradise
And forever more I'll be by your side...'cause
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Lyrics to It's you
by Tiffany

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