Lyrics to Play Cell
by Tilt

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[edit]Song titlePlay Cell
[edit]Artist nameTilt
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Rottting my integrity consumptive union seems to
be expression of decline my plight too much time
behind the wheel staccato biker stuck on loud
meaning fading in and cutting out my my send a
message send a message send a message signal
overpowered send a message send a sealed within a
play cell whistling past the last off ramp
flabbergast and then revamped illuminated by
oncoming lamps too light modulations here between
deflecting stations with such ease discussion on a
hidden frequency my my send a message send a
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here within our play cell if you want listen to
the static if you want set the needle on to
nowhere if you want I could make a statement if
you want on the record on the record at last too
much to work around we hum hypnotic still on
course transmigrants on a level stretch of road my
my send a message send a message send a message
signal overpowered send a message send a sealed
within a play cell.
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Lyrics to Play Cell
by Tilt

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