Lyrics to Bold and Reckless
by Tina Turner

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[edit]Song titleBold and Reckless
[edit]Artist nameTina Turner
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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(R. Hine, J. Obstoj)
Producer: Rupert Hine
Album: non-album track
UK/EUROPE 12" and CD5

So yo think you've got a hold on me
But did you ever, or is that your fantasy.
I'll miss you when you go,
But, no pain won't show

I'm free to search and go my way.
So bold, so bold and reckless.

I suppose you've been good to me
Maybe not enough to rock my sanity.
You never asked me questions,
And you never understood.

I'm free to search and go my way.
So bold, so bold and reckless.
So bold, yeah bold and reckless.

Find more similar lyrics on, I can't live in a cage,
I've just got to be free,
dancin' and flyin' away.
But your always in my dreams, runin'
Yes, your always in my dreams, runin'

So we've been gettin' closer by degree
But, you won't ever bring me to my knees.
You'll never make me shy,
And you won't see me cry.

I'm still free to go my way.
So bold, so bold and reckless.
So bold, still bold and reckless.

Yes, you were always in my dreams runin'
Always in my dreams.

So bold, so bold and reckless.
yeah, yeah, so bold and reckless.
yeah, yeah, so bold and reckless.

Still bold, still bold and reckless.
Still bold, still bold and reckless.
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Lyrics to Bold and Reckless
by Tina Turner

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