Lyrics to Birth of Darkness
by Tinieblas

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[edit]Song titleBirth of Darkness
[edit]Artist nameTinieblas
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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God is old and corrupted
Frozen in the drug of need
Unsure he cannot
make the world
Conform to this dominion
Scars him well
His deep bleeding fear
Comes to unlife

He ruled
By attacking chaos
Only to learn
That all demons knew
That the king of light
Is nothing in darkness,
As darkness had fallen
Burning from heaven

Chaos only
Could renew the spirit
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Great obedience garden
The reign forever more

But chaos arising
Fought in power united
With Marduk's dark armies
Horde of the abyss

I mock you
I overturn you
Forever in the hearts of
Free spirits below

You lose
Eternal loser
Now find
In dissent
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Lyrics to Birth of Darkness
by Tinieblas

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