Lyrics to This Means Nothing
by To See You Broken

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[edit]Song titleThis Means Nothing
[edit]Artist nameTo See You Broken
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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We try, everyday together, yet together menas
little- if nothing. I look at you and I know if I
needed help you couldn't lift me up: I look at you
and i know if tears welled up in my eyes you would
turn away. Unable to face my naked emotions. Yet
we try, everyday together, striving toward the
same distant goal, and we've labled them with
word, but these words have yet to hold true
meaning when it comes to you and me. We strive for
unity and pride, and i know you feel none of these
things for me. We strive for family and love, and
i know i feel none of these got you. So out
hypocrisy lives on. For the preservation of the
scene, and every time i see you we'll both act
Find more similar lyrics on we care, the truth is we don't. Our lives
mean little to each other. We don't listen, we
don't care. We can't hear and we know better. Yet
we try, everyday together striving for family and
love. So now i've stopped. We don't need to keep
this farce alive, no need to fake a smile. I
recognize this truth. I see no evil in it. There's
nothing calling for me to love you. yet out common
goal still exists, describes as unity and pride.
We all will carry on, with a fierce love in our
hearts. But this love is not for unity, not for
pride. This love remains unnamed and i carry it
for the power inherent in music. I won't pretend i
bear it for you.
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Lyrics to This Means Nothing
by To See You Broken

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