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Feelin' so fly by Tobymac

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[edit]Song titleFeelin' so fly
[edit]Artist nameTobymac
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You got me feeling so fly
There ain't a day that goes by
A supernatural high
Oh my goodness - people I can't deny
You got me feeling so fly

Uh oh, here we go again
Talking about that thing that so genuine
Uh huh, gonna make it known
So a freak like me get his cover blown
Can't help but glorify my Adonai
Gotta testify
Uh oh, here we go again
Talking bout His love so genuine

This ain't no fire drill
It hits like Holyfield
Break out your freak appeal
You think you know the deal
I'm gonna show you what's for real

There ain't a day that goes by
That I'm not singing Your praise
There ain't a day that goes by
That I'm not lifting your name
A supernatural high
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You got me feeling so fly

So fly when it's You and I
And the way we hanging in the morning time
And it's so dope I can barely cope
When you make my joy go and overflow
I can't help but glorify my Adonai
It's so fly that it's blowing minds
So fly that they can't deny

There ain't a day that goes by
That I'm not singing Your praise
There ain't a day that goes by
That I'm not completely amazed
A supernatural high
Your love is simply insane
You got me feeling so fly

Knock, knock
Who's there?
Well it's me, TMac
Feeling fly as a kangol hat
Insecticides can't steal this shine cuz
The fly I feel is straight divine
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Version 1 (oldest) of Lyrics to
Feelin' so fly by Tobymac

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