Lyrics to Lockjaw
by Todd Rundgren

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[edit]Song titleLockjaw
[edit]Artist nameTodd Rundgren
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Look out children
Mothers hide all the children who lie
Lockjaw's coming with a rusty nail
He's gonna nail your mouth open wide
Look out children
Boys and girls who do falsify
From the Black Forest with a hammerhead
He's looking for you with a rusty eye

In the Black Forest, lives an ogre named
Lockjaw. Lockjaw doesn't like children
who tell lies. Late at night he stalks the
houses of the fibbers and the
falsifiers, and before they can cry out from
their beds, he nails their jaws
open with a rusty nail, using his head for a
hammer. You may escape him for a
while and think you fooled him, but he'll get
you in the end. He'll get ya!

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Hide your heads, all you lying children
Mothers hide all your lying children
Fathers hide all your lying children

Look out mothers
Telling lies to a gullible child
Lockjaw's coming with a rusty nail
He'gonna nail your mouth open wide
Look out Fathers
Teachers and leaders who do falsify
From the Black Forest with a hammerhead
He's looking for you with a rusty eye

Many people wonder "Could such a terrible
tail be true? Who would make up such
a terrible tale?" It seems such a cruel
punishment for such a tiny little lie.
Well, I've got to confess. It's a fib. I made
it up myself. It's pretty funny,
don't you think? Ha, ha ha! Gag, gag, gag!!!
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Lyrics to Lockjaw
by Todd Rundgren

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