Lyrics to Lasting Song
by Tom Cochrane

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[edit]Song titleLasting Song
[edit]Artist nameTom Cochrane
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Won't be the first time you sit alone
Won't be the first time you
wait by the phone
Won't be the last time you drift away
To some place we were such a long time ago
We would move like ghosts in the night
Always looking for some cause to fight
You'd always look for some
cool James Dean type
We tried to make it
Like it was up on the screen
You know, only fools believe
What they cannot see
And only fools put their hands in the fire
Again and again
To see how it feels back in
No, I don't want to hear you say
That it won't happen like this anymore
And while the radio plays
I'll sing that lasting song again
And again

We're shadows dancing from a fires embrace
Where time is passing in a wild nights race
Find more similar lyrics on are the moon and I'll be the sun
Forget about who has lost
and who's won tonight
You know, only fools believe
What they want to see
And only fools put their hands in the fire
Again and again
To see how it feels back in


Though I'm miles away
I can still hear her say
Play that song for me
Once again she said
The one thing that gets me high
The one that keeps me strong
Through another day
Into the lonely night
Again and again
Won't be the last time I sing you that song
Under these lights so far from home again

CHORUS (twice)
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Lyrics to Lasting Song
by Tom Cochrane

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