Lyrics to A Woman in Love (It's not me)
by Tom Petty

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[edit]Song titleA Woman in Love (It's not me)
[edit]Artist nameTom Petty
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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She laughed in my face, told me good-bye
Said "Don't think about it, you can go crazy
Anything can happen, anything can end
Don't try to fight it, don't try to save me"

She's a woman in love
And he's gonna break her heart to pieces
She don't wanna see
She's a woman in love, but it's not me

Well alright, do what you want
Don't try to talk, don't say nothing
She used to be the kind of woman
You have and you hold, she could understand the problem
She let the little things go
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She's a woman in love
And he's gonna break her heart to pieces
But she don't wanna know
She's a woman in love, she can't let go

Time after time, night after night
She would look up at me
And say she was lonely
I don't understand the world today
I don't understand what she needed
I gave her everything she threw it all away
On nothin'
She's a woman in love
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Lyrics to A Woman in Love (It's not me)
by Tom Petty

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