Lyrics to George (and the North Woods)
by Tom T. Hall

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[edit]Song titleGeorge (and the North Woods)
[edit]Artist nameTom T. Hall
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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You know George I was just layin' here
Thinking about me being blind and all alone
Old timer if you weren't here to guide me
I'd be lost and they'd never find mybones

I just came here to the North Woods for some thinking
And you know a man just get to rest once in a while
And I'm really glad you came along to guide me
It seems to me we walked a hundred miles

You know how much I've always liked this cabin
It's quiet and I get a chance to think
I just can't figure things out in the city
The bars are there and you know how I drink

You know George I made a fortune in the big town
Why my name was on the city limit sign
And then fate laid her heavy hands upon me
And brought the accident that left me blind
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Old buddy you know how that woman did me
I guess you knew her better than I did
George I guess you knew how much it hurt me
The day that old judge gave her both my kids

But she said she wouldn't care if I's to drop dead
With all that insurance I don't guess she would
Most people think the wilderness is quiet
Would you listen to the wolves out in the woods

Well, tomorrow when I'll leave here I'll be a changed man
I'm gonna ride those trains when they yell all aboard
You spent a lotta time here in the big woods
I'm really glad you're goin' with me George

George, George, George are you there?
Hey man, you're not puttin' me on, are you George?
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Lyrics to George (and the North Woods)
by Tom T. Hall

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