Lyrics to Frank's Song
by Tom Waits

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[edit]Song titleFrank's Song
[edit]Artist nameTom Waits
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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That woman will take you
That woman will break you
That woman will make you
Something you've never seen

That woman's got claws
That woman's got laws
Now look out man
You're gonna lose your mind

I had a friend, his name was Frank
He walked on the water and Lord he sank
We used to go stag, now he's got a hag
It looks like Frank's got a brand new bag

That woman will take you
That woman will break you
Find more similar lyrics on woman will make you
Something you've never seen

That woman got claws
That woman got laws
Now look out Frank
You're gonna loose your mind

What happened to Frank
Can happen to you
Just find you a woman
And watch what she'll do

That woman will take you
That woman gonna break you
Look out man you're gonna lose
You're gonna lose your mind
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Lyrics to Frank's Song
by Tom Waits

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