Lyrics to Wardrobe
by Toni Braxton

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[edit]Song titleWardrobe
[edit]Artist nameToni Braxton
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Ooh oh
Ooh oh
Ah ha, I'm cleaning up my closet today (ah ha)
Am throwin all these old rags away (ah ha)
Don't like the way that nothing looks on me anymore, and it feels like he don't wanna b worn,
So I'ma take him of my hanger (yeah), I'm thinking maybe I should donate him (yeah),
and then someone else can deal with you coz I'd done had my feel of it
and I think its time for me to change it up.

So am redoing my wardrobe I've had enough, am gonna built up my closet with brand new love,
oh just one step hold me tight come and kiss me warm at night
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I ran into an old friend 2day (ah ha) she said girl why you smiling that way (ah ha)
and then she noticed this is a new face I got, she ask me were to get it from.
I said I took him of my hanger (girl),
Can you believe I had to donate him (girl) and then someone else can deal with you
coz I'd done had my fill of it and I had to wait 4 him to hear my say.


C we only good for life so you gotta do me right and shouldn't take to muc
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Lyrics to Wardrobe
by Toni Braxton

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