Lyrics to Three Days
by Toni Childs

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[edit]Song titleThree Days
[edit]Artist nameToni Childs
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I walk away, it seems it's like a bad day
On the hill, I stand and stare away
Hoping for a brighter day

And I stand staring there
And I stand staring there today

I feel the rain fall upon my face
And wash away the things I feel inside
Turmoil is what moves the tides

And I stand staring there
And I stand staring there
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You say you hurt and the cut has been too deep
The blood that flows inside your soul has died
Cancer is the hurt inside

And I can't walk away and I can't show the pain
And I can't let it go and I can't let it go away

It's another day, the morning comes so bright
I feel lifted, now, the clouds have passed
I feel freedom here at last
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Lyrics to Three Days
by Toni Childs

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