Lyrics to Hard Times
by Tora Tora

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[edit]Song titleHard Times
[edit]Artist nameTora Tora
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I wake up every morning
Into another day
Oh, when tomorrow comes
You'll find me on my way
Ain't lettin' nobody know
To help me along
It's harder to make it
When you feel you don't belong
Oh, hard times are over me

Yeah I can hear that
whistle blowin'
Seein' who's gonna change
Goin' to take a ride tonight
Ain't never comin' back
Ain't got no money
To help me again
There's nothin' left for me
So I guess I'm on my way
Oh, hard times are over me
Yeah oh save me
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Aaah waah waah
Oooh ah ah
Alright ah ah ah

Rock and rollin' listen
to my stutterin'
Don't you ever
forget/regret the past
Yesterday is comin' down
But tomorrow's gotta last
Ain't lettin' nobody know
To help me along
It's hard to make it
When you feel you don't belong
Oh, hard times are over me
Oh I'm sayin' hard times
Are over me, all over me
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Lyrics to Hard Times
by Tora Tora

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