Lyrics to Far Advance Closure
by Torchbearer

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[edit]Song titleFar Advance Closure
[edit]Artist nameTorchbearer
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Music C. Älvestam, lyrics by P. Johansson

I am the last one here, my children I buried in
early spring. Through the summer I will mourn with
my life. Will she die too? Now I wonder when it is
time for me, And who will place me in my grave.
The forests around this house seem to whisper that
time is soon. Thogh the meadows are ever so green,
though the sun still do shine. Lord, can you hear
Find more similar lyrics on and say what we have done wrong? And where did
we fail in our faith in you? We were told of a
spreading death in the south of our kingdom by
travellers that passed our land in the end of a
pale dead winter. Stories we were told of how they
had passed village by village were all lay dead in
rot, and silence had been all. The roads untrodden
for miles...
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Lyrics to Far Advance Closure
by Torchbearer

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