Lyrics to Triumph of the King
by Tornado

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[edit]Song titleTriumph of the King
[edit]Artist nameTornado
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Guardian of my sight,
blessed by the Living Cross
Son of Holy Man,
Thread of Mighty Warriors
Anywhere I am -
I believe in you
Every word you said -
Yes, I know it's True

Look and feel this time -
new Arise of Serbia
Battlefield and knights,
Anthem for the valiants
Shining dawn of steel -
Find more similar lyrics on believe in you,
Father King is here -
Yes, I know it's True!

Triumph of The King
Triumph and the Glory
Our Land is free, and
All We are United!!!

Victory of God
Ring the bells of joy
Justice for a Common Man
God bless The King!!!
In Metal We believe!!!
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Lyrics to Triumph of the King
by Tornado

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