Lyrics to Spend It
by Tory Lanez

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[edit]Song titleSpend It
[edit]Artist nameTory Lanez
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Round round I'm getting it
I'm high f*cking with that..
this bitches all in my business
you ride let's get it
hey that jaba
like would be no witness
all you all in my business
you ride let's get it

And stuntin in my know six
ridin out in my foe fitch
I don't trust this hoe niggas
I don't trust this hoe either
all black in that bent done
all the jewels no sent in
walking niggas they hatin huh
post up that haste em all
black ..I should've been
big body I pull up in
niggas hate their..
foe foe they pull up here
bitch make a swiss play
turn your body in the switch of lane
f*ck don't hate the .. of lay
lane niggas you got a bitch to play
I'm in shade I'm lay it down
say the words you play the ground
price tag you want the top
guarantee the lay ti down
I got more, I got more
bad bitch like I got two
nigga rhymes like I got two
on the table I got you
Round and round I'm getting it
flying down when I'm hitting it
let me lose when I'LL be on the goose
..I don't spent it
mother f*cker you chick at..
yeah hit the bird
and they start strugg and they in it
and they class the foe like..
I'm on websites modzilla, haven't scrab my money foe
been great Godzilla
now I'm fine I'm got it hoes
I'm TO to the devil me
real niggas I'm the recipe
Find more similar lyrics on sister ain't destiny
y'all bitch niggas ain't stressing me
be shout all my niggas got dizzy oh my foe 50
int he hoes with em
int he porsche ridin so swip me
in the jet boys so ..I'm f*cking hoes I'm so tipsy
I'm..I'm so nipsy give me back low hand
like baby get so..
spicy that sea saw, I ain't f*ck that T foe
that's hard all these niggas play the f*ck
damn nigga that's D foe
man was that a subliminal nigga
be hatin the way that the people been making like damn
niggas invisible I can be seeing them
that nigga been keeping like man
you should be waiting for ..I'm making my way
so you don't work a damn
getting this paper I say f*ck you man
hole up, hole up, hole up in that money oh
all in the f*cking rule
hole up I'm a G don't know what a ..
niggas told your man riding from saving
look like a .. shame on you back
or make you look like an ..
looking like black and yellow
bitch nigga I'm a stiller
nigga ssay they for real
my nigga they gorrila

all gone
you clive I can't ..hole up
How do I need to ..
you fallin in love as soon as you need to
you hatin I'm makin this paper
get paper with me I'm ..
you hatin but you my nigga is takin makin the real
the make em jamaican the gone
like is a nigga been wasting it time
hollin a nigga liek f*ck you'll be mine
put niggas.. so shut up my ego is bigger
we eatin..;
so y'all bitches be wuit my nigga
..shut the f*ck up and be quiet..

Canada on the big ..
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Lyrics to Spend It
by Tory Lanez

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