Lyrics to Lea
by Toto

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[edit]Song titleLea
[edit]Artist nameToto
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Here's to the few who fared my love
Only for you I cared, my love
I've given it hope and I know it's only you
Encased in silence

Here's to the you who saved my love
Only to you I gave my love
I've given it thought and it's not all that appears

Lea, how long will you still want me to want you
In and around you?
Lea, my concertina
Will you still want me to want you?

Here's to the you who dared, my love
Only with you I shared my love
Find more similar lyrics on've given it though and it's not all that appears
So I'm asking

Lea, how long will you still want me to want you
In and around you?
Lea, concertina
Will you still want me to want you?

Who cares what the cynics say
I care if only you're on your way
My Lea, don't let the same be true

Lea, do you still want me to want you?
Lea, do you still want me to want you?
Lea, do you still want me to want you?
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Lyrics to Lea
by Toto

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