Lyrics to One Nightstand
by Trace Adkins

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[edit]Song titleOne Nightstand
[edit]Artist nameTrace Adkins
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Well, it ain't home but it'll have to do for a while
Got a fold down bed
Two windows on the parking lot
Three plates in the kitchenette

A table and chair where I can eat
A little black and white TV
A shower stall and a bathroom sink
And one two-drawer nightstand
Barely enough room to be a man

And on that nightstand sits a photograph
Of my wife and kids
Remindin' me of how good it was
And right now, how bad it is

Beside it there's a coffee cup
Where I keep my wedding ring and stuff
And some nights it still keeps me up
How I got where I am

Funny, how a man's life
Can be reduced
To one nightstand

On the fifth of last November
On a business trip in Denver
Find more similar lyrics on airport canceled all the flights
We were snowed in strangers, alone for the night

She said, "Hi, I'm Angie
And I'm from Boston
Would you drink a beer with me
If I bought 'em?"

So I hit the hotel bar with her
Figured, what would it hurt?

Sittin' on the bed, leanin' 'gainst the wall
With a Bible and a gun
One of them was gonna save me
The only question was which one

So I got down on my shakin' knees
Asked the Lord, "Forgive me please"
Dropped the gun and grabbed my keys
That picture and my wedding band

Funny how a man's life
Can all come down
To one nightstand

One nightstand
One nightstand
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Lyrics to One Nightstand
by Trace Adkins

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