Lyrics to Frozen in My Tracks
by Tragically Hip

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[edit]Song titleFrozen in My Tracks
[edit]Artist nameTragically Hip
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Sometimes when I'm walking
I dream I'm being taken for granted
it's then that I clearly imagine
The Day That You Take Me For Granted

You said, one day you're gonna realize
You really have no sense of yourself
And with no way to take it back
you'll get frozen in your tracks
Frozen in your tracks

Sometimes when we're talking
I feel like you're not even listening
it's then that I clearly remember
Rarely ever seeing you listening

You said, when you gonna realize
You really have no sense of yourself
there's no way to take it back
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Simpler than the rest, you don't do stupid games
you're not more complex, you don't lay 'violent blame'

Tonight I was walking (tonight I was walking)
Feeling alone on this planet
(feeling alone on this planet)
When all at once something stopped
me (when all at once something stopped me)
(I realized I'd taken you for
granted) I realized I'd taken you for granted

And tonight I realized
I really have no sense of myself
No way to take it back
I am frozen in my tracks
I'm frozen in my tracks
Frozen in my tracks
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Lyrics to Frozen in My Tracks
by Tragically Hip

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