Lyrics to Fascinated
by Train

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[edit]Song titleFascinated
[edit]Artist nameTrain
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Here among the daffodils
Underneath the coffee spills
The dandelions decide to take a
bit of your sunlight

You think there's nothing beautiful
Its simply being beautiful
But everything you do is full
of everything I love

And you..... keep me fascinated
Get it out and let me in
While I'm not for burnin out I'm fadin away

Somewhere underneath this sea of me
There lies some poetry
That said the perfect way, ring
inside your ear for days

And underneath some April shower
Grows the perfect kind of flower
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All I want is your reflection
And I don't need perfection
All I need is you

Cause you, keep me fascinated
Get it out and let me in
While I'm not for burning out I'm fadin away

Every petal over you
Like a metal over you shines
Every petal over you
Like a metal over you, shines

Youuuuu... keep me fascinated
Get it out and let me in
While I'm not not for burnin out, I'm fadin

Youuuu..... keep me fascinated
Get it out and let me in
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Lyrics to Fascinated
by Train

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