Lyrics to Lincoln Avenue
by Train

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[edit]Song titleLincoln Avenue
[edit]Artist nameTrain
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Well I guess this is where I left my life
And all its operations
And I know that I will never get this twice
With all negotiations
This feels like the place between
What is and might have been
So I guess that this is where we both find out
If this was meant to be

And I'll tell myself, I don't need you
I'll tell myself enough to get me through
And I'll finally show you
How I should have been being with you every day
If you can take a little more

Now it takes me back to times on Lincoln Avenue
When you said you'd never get tired of the boy
That seemed to be so far from growing up
But we were different then
Find more similar lyrics on feels like the place
Between being ready and being in the way

And I'll tell myself, I don't need you
I'll tell myself enough to get me through
But I'll finally show you
How I should have been being with you every day
If you can wait a little more

This feels like the time that I'm ready for you
Are you ready for me?

'Cause I'll tell myself I'll make it through
I'll tell myself anything to get over you
And I won't blame you but I'm finally ready to show you
That I'm ready to show you, I'm ready to show you, yeah
I'll tell myself that I never needed anybody anyway
But anyway I need you, I need you now, I need you now
I'm ready now
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Lyrics to Lincoln Avenue
by Train

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