Lyrics to Walkin' All Over My Heart
by Travis Tritt

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[edit]Song titleWalkin' All Over My Heart
[edit]Artist nameTravis Tritt
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Al Gore, Paul Overstreet

I'm so glad you found me
Wrapped your sweet love around me
And helped me to make a new start
I was down on the bottom
Sad stories, Lord, I've got 'em
She was walkin' all over my heart

She was cheatin', she was lyin'
Alibis, I kept buyin'
It was tearin' my whole world apart
Find more similar lyrics on like the fool she made of me
I kept thinkin' that she loved me
But she was walkin' all over my heart

Oh, today more than ever
I believe love's forever
And it's you who brought back that spark
So, I'm stickin' with our love
I was so sick and tired of
Her walkin' all over my heart

Repeat Chorus
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Lyrics to Walkin' All Over My Heart
by Travis Tritt

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