Lyrics to Slide Show
by Travis

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[edit]Song titleSlide Show
[edit]Artist nameTravis
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Today was the day for dancing and for singing
The birds in the trees and all the bells are ringing
The sun in the sky is bright as bright as second sight
Is bright, oh God, I hope I'm alright 'cause I'm gonna cry
But hold on, hold on, slow down, slow down
You're out of touch, out of touch

'Cause there is no design for life
There's no devils haircut in my mind
There is not a wonderwall to climb or step around
Find more similar lyrics on there is a slideshow and it's so slow, flashing through my mind
Today was the day but only for the first time

There is no design for life
There's no devils haircut in your mind
There is not a wonderwall to climb or step around
But there is a slideshow and it's so slow, flashing through your mind
Today is the day but only for the first time
I hope it's not the last time, oh oh
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Lyrics to Slide Show
by Travis

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