Lyrics to I no Longer Know Anything
by Trembling Blue Stars

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[edit]Song titleI no Longer Know Anything
[edit]Artist nameTrembling Blue Stars
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Do I only think what I did
Was a stupid thing because
I did not get what I wanted
Or would it have been no matter what?

What if something had happened?
Would I still have fallen apart?
What if?
Would you have pushed her
right out of my heart?
Is there something I don't want to face?
Might it not have been seen a mistake?
What if something had happened?
And this is not to say that you were
Anything but without blame
But was I always going to lose her
If not over you then another face?
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I know I missed the beginning
But isn't that only to be
I no longer know anything
I no longer know anything
Is there something I don't want to face
Was it over anyway?

Does she cast such a shadow
Because she hasn't been followed yet?
Would she do so
If someone walked in her footsteps?
Am I right to feel such regret?
Is there something I don't want to face
Could she easily be betrayed
So easily be betrayed?
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Lyrics to I no Longer Know Anything
by Trembling Blue Stars

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