Lyrics to Last Time Skit
by Trey Songz

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[edit]Song titleLast Time Skit
[edit]Artist nameTrey Songz
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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What's up what's up still in the building like I said earlier a music fan I'm out here doing some contion
Stuff I done had about 5 plays this week they are consivening the album very well they got it like a month
Almost a month after it dropped in America they just now getting into uh it's crazy to do shows for those who don't speak English
Find more similar lyrics on they still be going crazy like hmhmhmhmhm you know what I mean uh so we tryna decide between a second single it might be missin' you
Or it might be last time either way it's gone be cool because I think both of them are great lovers I just know that balanced take longer to build that
Radio so uh I mean I need ya'll support on which ever decision I do make and right now gone go into last time produced by Bryan cox let's go
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Lyrics to Last Time Skit
by Trey Songz

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