Lyrics to Kill Your ass
by Trick Daddy

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[edit]Song titleKill Your ass
[edit]Artist nameTrick Daddy
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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I'm a fuck around and kill yo ass
I'm a fuck around and kill yo ass
Fuck around and kill yo ass (say what)
I'm a fuck around and kill yo ass

Trick Daddy
I'm having a supper with some lonely motherfucker
Some little boney motherfucker
You killed my homie motherfucker
So what a real nigga 'posed to do
Get ghost and kill every bitch close to you
And you probley gone kill me if I ain't careful
Probley gone damn near me if I ain't careful
Now you fucking with the wrong nigga
I'll follow you home nigga, ready to
pull the motherfucking trigger
Cause I ain't fucking with nobody, owe nobody
Need nobody but my shottie
See all my ex-friends was ex-cons,
most of them dead and gone
Therefore I'm ridding for 'em
I'm putting holes in you cocksucker
I'm closing shop on your block with this glock sucker
Won't be no serving on this corner
Won't be no hanging, swanging, swerving on this corner
I gives a fuck about your homie
You can play crazy if ya want to, but
ya pussy when I get up on ya
Find more similar lyrics on when these blades go to
chopping, niggas gone be dropping
And vertebras going to be rocking
And I'm a..


Trick Daddy
I gives a fuck that you getting do
I gives a fuck bout your hoe, gives
a fuck bout who she know
Ain't no joking in my game, don't get chained,
and slanged about my cocaine
I know some niggas, who want to smoke,
He want some hotter green and a quarter head for that coke
Won't be no jacking while I'm stacking
Won't be no slapping, no laughing, or
no motherfucking macking
Just me and my workers in a circle,
And ain't nobody and hiding 'round cause
if they is I got to hurt ya
And if it's worth it we'll dirt ya,
I know ya strapped so I'm wait for I search ya
I know ya scared, and you gonna get
it, and I can feel yo ass
Put this thing inside your head and I'm kill yo ass

Chorus x4
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Lyrics to Kill Your ass
by Trick Daddy

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