Lyrics to Away
by Trigger Point

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[edit]Song titleAway
[edit]Artist nameTrigger Point
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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Cancer ridden faces - Hear what my name is - I'm
a tired man trying to let go - Of my past and of
my future - Hard I try but I feel it down below -
And I try and walk away from the pain in my life -
And I search but I can't find a reason to die -
Give me one more chance just one more chance -
Once more chance and I'll take it all away - All
away - One more chance and I'll take it all away
- I'm falling in myself - An empty heartache
Find more similar lyrics on is forcing me to change - And I promise I
won't let myself be the man I was back then - So
I take it all away - All away - One more chance
and I take it all away - So I try and break my
soul - It feels like I'm losing control - I've
come to far to fall again - All I need is one more
time - Just one more time - And Ill take it all
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Lyrics to Away
by Trigger Point

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