Lyrics to Currency
by Trina & Lil' Wayne & Rick Ross

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[edit]Song titleCurrency
[edit]Artist nameTrina
[edit]FeaturingLil' Wayne & Rick Ross
[edit]Lyrics languageEnglish
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They know what we want, give it to us x4

Twenty, tens, n fives (carots)
If you a balla than a hundred's gon' fly
That's what I'm talkin bout
Stacks to the sky

We gon' twenty, tens, n fives x2

Verse: Rick Ross
I'm not a five dolla nigga, I'm a billion dollar entity
All I chase is money only bad bitches interest me
Dade County nigga, diamonds come from Tiffany's
Bought the prototype n they hit the streets eventually
Toss my dolla bills, toss my dolla bills
All I ever wanna do, toss my dolla bills
All they talkin cease, u could hear the breeze
When the bitches realizin that I'm throwin hun' beefs
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Verse: Trina
Twenty, fifty, hundredes on my bed I think I'll pay but
Pillows made of thousand dollar bills can you wait
Million dollar carpet, then I'll fuck it, keep the change
I keep a lenin closet of some fresh, she said what's his name
I got Mr. Willdrow Wilsons hit the stocket stange
And they know what I want, they sit the money for I came
Spend it on the chain blow it all at the bar
Weezy baby comin deep, this is Trina rockstarr

Verse: Lil Wayne
Man all I got is hundreds, I ain't even stuntin
Stuck on the bendges like Benjamin Button
Trina what it do, I ain't seen ya in a minute
But I think about my life but thank God that u was in it
Hello Weezy Baby, aka payday, twenty, tens, fives
I give that shit to nana, young money boss, cash money G
Weezy F Baby and the F is for free.
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Lyrics to Currency
by Trina & Lil' Wayne & Rick Ross

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